Bachelor of Computer Science

Computer Science

Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS)

Computer scientists plan and script programs for computer applications; these applications are important and diverse, including computer systems to control equipment, the analysis of stock market trends, games design, company financial system MIS, robot navigation, and many other business and industrial applications. If you have an interest in understanding, developing and applying new computer-based technologies, the Bachelor of Computer Science program can help you develop the skills to become part of this growing industrial sector. At Karwan University the Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) degree will provide you with a strong foundation in computing and allow you to pursue specializations by selecting specific electives or majoring in areas such as Networking, Software Engineering, Database Development.

Career Opportunities

The degree prepares graduates to become effective knowledge workers in today’s information economy. There is a strong demand for computer science professionals, both regionally and globally and graduates of the BCS program enter professions such as:
•    Database Developer
•    Website Developer
•    Software Developer
•    Systems Analysts
•    System Administrators
•    Designers of Business Systems
•    IT Consultants

Accreditation and Recognition

This program is accredited by Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan and is fully recognized within Afghanistan, and Internationally for further education and employments.
Program Structure
The total number of subjects, including the Monograph and thesis defense is 47 subjects which will cover a total of 144 credit hours. We have categorized our subjects in the following categories:

1.    GS (General Subjects)
2.    FS (Fundamental Subjects)
3.    CS (Core Subjects)
4.    SS (Specialization Subjects)
5.    Monograph & Thesis Defense

Program core

Code Subject Name Credit Points
BCS-CS-401 Object Oriented Programming with C++ 4cp
BCS-CS-302 Data Structure 3cp
BCS-CS-303 Operating Systems 3cp
BCS-CS-404 Web Engineering I 4cp
BCS-CS-405 Database I 4cp
BCS-CS-306 Software Engineering I 3cp
BCS-CS-307 Artificial Intelligence 3cp
BCS-CS-308 E-Commerce and Professional Practices in IT 3cp
BCS-CS-309 Compiler Construction 3cp
BCS-CS-310 Management Information System (MIS) 3cp
BCS-CS-411 Advanced Programming Techniques 4cp
BCS-CS-312 Human Computer Interaction 3cp
BCS-CS-313 Computer Graphics 3cp
BCS-CS-314 Analysis of Algorithms 3cp
BCS-CS-315 Assembly Language and Embedded Systems 3cp
BCS-CS-316 Data ware housing & Data Mining 3cp


Fundamental Subjects

Code Subject Name Credit Points
BCS-FS-301 Linear Algebra 3cp
BCS-FS-302 Discrete Mathematics


BCS-FS-303 Calculus 3cp
BCS-FS-304 Data Communication 3cp
BCS-FS-305 Computer Fundamentals 3cp
BCS-FS-306 Computer Networks 3cp
BCS-FS-307 Digital Logic Design (DLD) 3cp
BCS-FS-308 Computer Organization and Architecture 3cp
BCS-FS-309 Differential Equations 3cp
BCS-FS-310 Introduction to computer programming 3cp
BCS-FS-311 Statistics and Probability 3cp
BCS-FS-312 Basics of Electronics 3cp
BCS-FS-313 Distributed Systems 3cp

General Subjects

Code Subject Name Credit Points
BCS-GS-201 Islamic Studies 8cp
BCS-GS-202 English Comprehension 3cp
BCS-GS-203 Afghan History 2cp
BCS-GS-204 Business Communication 2cp
BCS-GS-205 Principles of Principles of Accounting 2cp
BCS-GS-206 Financial Management 2cp
BCS-GS-307 Physics 3cp

Specialized Subjects

Code Subject Name Credit Points
BCS-SS-301 Software Requirement Engineering and Quality Assurance 3cp
BCS-SS-302 Advanced computing concepts 3cp
BCS-SS-403 Database Administration 4cp
BCS-SS-304 Software Project Management 3cp
BCS-SS-305 Wireless and Mobile Communication 3cp
BCS-SS-306 Cryptography and Network Security 3cp
BCS-SS-307 Telecommunication Systems 3cp
BCS-SS-408 Advanced Networking 4cp
BCS-SS-409 Computer Networks II 4cp
BCS-SS-410 Software Engineering II 4cp
BCS-SS-411 Web Engineering II 4cp
BCS-SS-412 Database II (Oracle) 4cp
BCS-SS-413 Java Programming



Code Subject Name Credit Points
BCS-MT-601 Monograph and Thesis defense 6

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