Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

This course will provide you with a range of legal professional skills, such as advocacy, ethical judgement, communication, legal research and writing, interviewing and negotiation and relevant legal professional computing skills. Gain specialised education and skills in core areas of law as well as in various areas of commercial law, especially those which have a comparative dimension.

Karwan University’s Bachelor of Law program approach to learning combines theory with practice. Our partnerships with the courts and community legal services gives you a unique exposure to the real experience of the justice system. These opportunities challenge you through practical experiences for a rewarding career in law that could range from working for government, the community or in private enterprise.


Carrer Opportunities

When you graduate from a Bachelor of Laws at Karwan University, you’ll be in high demand because we’ll make sure you’re job-ready. Many of our graduates choose to work in government, make their own law firms and work as consultant for companies. Some of the key examples of work opportunties are as followng:

  • Solicitor
  • Lawyer
  • Policy adviser
  • Legal adviser
  • Human rights advocate
  • Law firm owner

Accreditation and Recognition

This program is accredited by Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan and is fully recognized within Afghanistan, and Internationally for further education and employments.

Structure of the program

The program has 58 subjects, and also the student has the choice to select one of their elective subjects during each semester.

Currently all of our subjects will be in Dari Language.

Program Core


Subjects Code Subjects Name Credit Points
LA215 Basic Law 4
LA317 General Criminal Law 4
LA318 Obligatory Law 4
LA319 International Law 4
LA417 General Criminal Law 2
LA418 Obligatory Law 2 2
554LA Banking Law in Islam 2
LA114 Academic Writing 2
LA211 Bases of Law 4
LA212 Basics of Islamic Law 2
LA111 Introduction to Law 4
LA112 Principles of Islamic Law 2
LA216 International organizations  4
LA113 Principles of economy 2
LA722 Contemporary Legal Systems 2
LA521 Islamic Law of Transactions 2
LA420 Financial Law 2
555LA  History of Criminal Law 2

General Subjects

Subjects Code Subjects Name Credit Points
LA144 Islamic Study (Study of the Prophet Characters) 2
LA244 Philosophy  of Worship in Islam 2
LA143 Contemporary History of Afghanistan 2
LA245 Arabic Language 2
LA344 Islamic Study (Characteristic of Islam) 2
LA345 Arabic Language 2
LA444 Islamic Study (Society In Islam) 2
LA445 Arabic Language 2
LA544 Islamic Study (Politics in Islam) 2
LA545 English Language for Law 2
LA644 Islamic Study (Economics in Islam) 2
LA645 English Language for Law 2
LA744 Islamic Study (Quran and Technology) 2
LA145 Arabic Language 2

Elective and Specialized Subjects

Subjects Code Subjects Name Credit Points
LA147 History of Political Thoughts 2
LA249 Statistics 2
LA351 Media Law 2
LA350 Criminal Psychology  2
LA758 Principles of Legislation 2
LA759 The Political History of the World 2
LA146 Environmental law 2
LA453 Interactive Law 2
LA860 Forensic Medical  2
LA861 Human Rights 2
LA248 Law Terminology 2
LA452 General Research Methodology 2
LA656 International Trade Law 2
LA657 Management and Administration 2
LA424 Family Law 4
LA526 Allocated criminal law 2
LA632 Criminology 2
LA525 Commercial Law 4
LA629 Islamic Criminal Law 3
LA841 Principles of Fiqh (Jurisprudence) 2
LA630 International Criminal Law 3
LA631 Comparative Constitutional Law 2
LA423 Labor Law 2
LA633 Islamic Legal Maxims 2
LA734 Administrative Law 2
LA842 Defense attorney 2
LA840 Commercial Trails Procedure  2
LA838 Private International Law 4
LA527 Understanding Crime 2
LA528 Objective Law 4
LA735 International Criminal Courts Law 4
LA736 International Civil Courts  Law 4
LA737 Criminalistics 2
LA839 Islamic Obligation Law 2


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